Spider veins are the very small enlarged or dilated veins commonly seen on the leg, face and on other parts of the body. Spider veins are often unsightly and may also be associated with aching in the legs particularly after standing for prolonged periods.

The exact cause of these spider veins is not known but there is often a familiar disposition and they are aggravated by major hormonal changes such as puberty and pregnancy. Local trauma may also cause these veins to appear.

Sclerotherapy is the technique used in treating spider veins by instilling an irritant solution into the vein using a very small needle. The solution destroys the lining of the abnormal vessel and causes the walls of the vessel to stick together so that eventually the spider vein is replaced with almost imperceptible tissue.

Other treatments include:

Intense Pulse Light Treatment || High frequency Radio Surgery 'Surgitron'

For an accurate diagnosis and advice, an initial consultation with Dr Goldston is required.



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