Everyone will at some stage in their lives develop wrinkles, lines or folds. These wrinkles, lines or folds contribute to the appearance of aging, leaving a person looking and feeling tired, angry or sad even when they are not.

Facial wrinkles are formed due to the over use of muscles. Muscles are used repeatedly in day to day facial expressions, which over a period of time, cause the muscles to grow stronger and eventually form a wrinkle.

In some cases, dermal fillers can be used to fill and soften those unwanted lines and wrinkles that are present when you are not using your facial muscles in expression such as frowning or smiling. 



Muscle Relaxant Treatment


Wrinkles are treated by an injection technique, using a muscle relaxant, which aims to target facial muscles that contribute to wrinkle formation. Cosmetically, once the muscles are relaxed, contraction of these muscles is now inhibited, thus preventing undesirable facial expressions which lead to wrinkles. The ultimate result?? Wrinkles are significantly reduced and softened.

Muscle Relaxant treatment last approximately 3 months and is a non-surgical treatment with no down time.

At Mackay Skin Clinic Cosmetic we offer two different brands of Muscle Relaxant. Both brands offer the same product and delivers the same result. For some people, it comes down to personal preference or price.





price per unit

Type B - $15.50

Type D - $5.10

Why is Type D a lot cheaper that Type B?

'Type D' does require 2 1/2 times the dose of 'Type B' making the price $12.75 ($5.10 X 2.5 = $12.75) 'Type B' Equivalent. Our Cosmetic Injector will discuss your options and can explain the difference of the 2 brands in your consultation.



feel brand new!

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