Acne is a skin disorder that is caused by hormone action on the sebaceous glands of the skin. The oil secreted by these glands builds up in the hair follicle leading to clogged pores and lesions which we commonly call pimples. These usually form on your face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Even though acne does not lead to a serious health problem, it can lead to emotional disturbances such as low self-esteem. When it is severe, acne may leave behind permanent scars.

The most common types of pimples include:

  • Whiteheads: Form under the surface of the skin and appear as a small white bump

  • Blackheads: form on the skin surface and are black in colour

  • Papules: Are small pink bumps that can be painful when you touch them

  • Pustules: Appear red at their base and are filled with pus

  • Nodules: Are large, painful, solid pimples

  • Cysts: Are deep, painful, pus-filled pimples and; may cause scars

A combination of both skin treatments and medication is often beneficial. A consultation with Dr John Goldston is required for a medical opinion and treatment plan.

For a medical skin analysis please call Shakespeare Medical Centre on 07 4953 0233 to make an appointment.



Herbal Aktiv Peel



Are you suffering from acne/pimples, enlarged pores and/or blackheads?
"The Herbal Aktiv Peel" is a natural treatment providing the client with new skin in 5 days.
This blend of dried and crushed herbs does NOT contain any acids, chemicals or synthetic ingredients and does not rely on an injury to the skin for a result. What would you choose, A treatment with herbs supplied by nature or harsh chemical acids?



IPL Acne Treatment

PL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment is a safe and effective acne treatment. IPL is designed to control existing acne outbreaks and reduce future acne outbreaks. Utilising Intense Pulse Light Technology our trained nurse will deliver pulses of broad spectrum light directly into the affected area.

Our IPL system generates high energy pulses of light that are filtered to emit specific frequencies of wave-lengths of light. One of these frequencies causes porphyrin, a naturally occurring molecule in the oil glands, to release oxygen. The acne bacteria are anaerobic and are killed by the oxygen. A second frequency disables the overactive oil glands, causing them to shrink. This controls the overproduction of sebum (oil) to help prevent later outbreaks.

Treatment Plan

  • Mackay Skin Clinic Cosmetic offer acne management programs for clients.

  • Results will vary, but most people will see a significant improvement in skin condition, especially if they combine treatment with the recommended AHA, Vitamin and anti-oxidant skin care, along with appropriate medication as prescribed by the Doctor.

  • As series of regular treatments are needed in an area to obtain optimal results along with other associated treatments as advised by your therapist.

  • Treatments should be approximately 1 or 2 weeks apart.



ALA (Topical Aminolevulinic Acid)


Acne vulgaris is a skin disease affecting more than 80% of young people. At Mackay Skin Clinic Cosmetic we offer ALA Photodynamic Therapy as our most effective acne treatment. This involves applying ALA solution to prepared skin, followed by a period of incubation and subsequent activation of the ALA with blue or red light.

Propionibacterium acnes and sebum secretion play major roles in the pathogenesis of acne. Topical and systemic antibiotics are mainstays for treatment of acne, but the success rate varies in part due to the gradual resistance to antibiotics. Sun exposure has a well-known beneficial effect on acne, which is not the case for ultraviolet exposure. Studies show that the bacteria produce porphyrins which are activated by visible light, inducing a photodynamic reaction that subsequently kills the pathogenic bacteria and reduces the over production of sebum and shrinks the oil glands.

We recommend you avoid sun exposure on the treatment area for at least 6 weeks pre and post treatment. At all times use a 30+ sun block. You will have a period where the treated area will be quite red and peeling will occur.



Blue Light Acne Treatment


Narrow-band, high-intensity blue-light therapy is just one of the treatments that we offer acne sufferers.

Blue light treatment works by killing the acne-causing bacteria, P. acne, and is used to treat inflammatory acne vulgaris as an alternative, or in addition to antibiotics. The Blue Light is a 420nm wave length which does not damage skin as it does not contain ultraviolet light.

Patients receive blue-light therapy in a managed program. Blue light therapy must be accompanied by appropriate skin care and the wearing of sun screen is essential. Blue Light treatment is safe with very little if any downtime and maybe recommended when other treatments are inappropriate.



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